Senior Director, Procurement Services
Salk Institute for Biological Studies

La Jolla, California

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about 1 month ago

This job has expired.

Job Info

<p><strong>Application Instructions:</strong></p><p><strong><em>Employment History </em></strong>Include your last ten (10) years of employment history, or length of your employment history if less, including all position (even those that are not relevant to this position) and periods of unemployment. Incomplete information could disqualify you from further consideration.</p><p><strong>POSITION SUMMARY</strong></p><p>Position performs executive level work involving the coordination of procurement activities, contract certification, contract compliance and management; and performs related work as required. Incumbent negotiates complex, fixed-price and cost-type contracts for the purchase of materials and services, including those that normally cannot be obtained by means of formal advertising or that are highly scientific and therefore have a limited number of providers. The position transitions purchasing from a transaction/tactical buying role to one of strategic/progressive procurement; provides consultative services to labs and departments regarding cost-efficient practices; and leverages economies of scale across the organization and, where appropriate, peer institutions. Incumbent is able to analyze data and make recommendations based on sound financial practices. Develops and implements policies and procedures to comply with Uniform Guidance, FAR and DFARS.</p><p>Incumbent is responsible for the management, direction, supervision and leadership of the procurement, logistics operations and supplier contracting functions of the Institute.&nbsp; Sets the vision, strategic direction, expectations, and annual objectives for department.&nbsp; Provides oversight on all department activities including procurement, shipping and receiving, campus mail service, supply center, asset management and supplier diversity.&nbsp; Establishes, develops and implements lean procurement, supplier management and logistics operations policies and procedures. Supports the CFO and&nbsp; other administrative management of the Institute in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the procurement services processes.&nbsp;</p><p>Working closely with the Financial Information Systems staff, position has overall responsibility for the planning, directing, coordinating, implementing, maintaining and monitoring of the procurement ERP (e-commerce) system and its integration with the Finance department, ensuring the functional needs of staff and end users are met and supported.</p><p>Works closely with the Grants and Research Accounting Departments in the development and reporting of any required Small Business Subcontracting Plans under FAR/DFARS.</p><p><strong>ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS</strong></p><p><strong></strong><strong>1) Operational Management (45%)</strong></p><ul><li>Functions as consultant to the labs and departments on procurement-related issues and best practices.&nbsp; Advises labs and departments on the most cost-effective purchase methods and alternate products and recommends substitutes. Oversees training and instruction to Institute requisitioners to provide direction as it relates to procurement (e.g. procurement options, bidding requirements, ethical requirements, appropriate product/service/source evaluation, lease vs. buy decisions, contract administration and problem resolution).</li><li>Provides technical consultation to the CFO and departments on procurement planning, solicitation, and administration of contracts and purchase orders. Prepares and/or negotiates contract terms and conditions across the Institute, including, as appropriate, fixed-price, cost-type, or incentive-type contracts that favor and protect the Institute.&nbsp; Advises Institute legal counsel of potential or actual legal complications pertaining to purchasing activities and cooperates in the handling of any related legal disputes, if needed.</li><li>Formulates and implements procurement policies and procedures in conjunction with the executive management team; ensures integration of operational activities across various departments or program areas.&nbsp; Ensures systems and controls are in place to ensure purchases of goods and services comply with all applicable Institute policies and sound business practices.&nbsp;</li><li>Develops resource allocation strategies, allocates budgets, staff, tools and specialized support necessary for cost-effective operations.&nbsp; Analyzes and identifies budgetary requirements needed to achieve department and Institute missions.</li><li>Plans, coordinates, and manages the operational, financial, administrative, and technical responsibilities of the Institute's procurement function, and acts as liaison between the Institute and private industry concerning procurement activities.</li><li>Provides support to user departments in monitoring the performance of suppliers and contractors.</li><li>Directs and manages all activities within the Procurement Services department including, but not limited to mail services, shipping, receiving, stockroom, supply center, distribution of incoming supplies, purchase of all materials, capital equipment and contracted services. Identifies operational problems and formulates appropriate solutions.</li><li>Develops, implements, and interprets appropriate Institute procedures and policies in relation to the purchase of all goods and services; ensures compliance with state &amp; federal laws and regulations relative to the procurement function, including Uniform Guidance, FAR and DFARS.</li><li>Provides information, advice, and assistance to senior administrators, directors, and department heads concerning matters related to procurement services operations.</li><li>Informs labs and administrative departments of procurement services policies and procedures through periodic presentations.</li><li>Develops and maintains excellent working relationships with all departments and internal and external constituencies through understanding their purpose and objectives.&nbsp; Promotes and maintains the good name of the Institute while conducting business in an ethical and professional manner to ensure avoidance of all actual, perceived, and potential conflicts of interest.</li></ul><p><strong></strong><strong>2) Procurement Management (30%)</strong></p><ul><li>Negotiates pricing discounts, and pricing agreements with suppliers with an emphasis on reducing costs and maximizing value for all Institute funds expended and to optimize Institute benefits of contract management, pricing, consolidation of spend, product trends and marketing of new products.</li><li>Creates, analyzes and manages various procurement reports used for negotiation.&nbsp; Ensures the development and maintenance of reports that track Salk contracts, savings and revenues (projected and actual).</li><li>Working closely with Financial Information Systems staff, oversees the planning and implementation of departmental systems applications, SciQuest e-procurement and integration of SciQuest and Banner ERP systems including preparing specifications, defining process flow and quality performance standards, collaborating with suppliers and the Information Systems/ Information Technology Departments to improve business processes.</li><li>Provides direction in the development, implementation and maintenance of systems and procedures to ensure compliance with all federal and state audit regulations while working closely with auditors and the Finance department.&nbsp;</li><li>Manages the competitive bid process including specification development, requests for proposals (RFP), evaluation of returned proposals, selection of suppliers, and the award, maintenance and close-out of awarded contracts; ensures fair and open competition.&nbsp; Develops and oversees related procedures that include financial and technical pre-qualification of suppliers/contractors/service providers, bid/performance/payment bonding, verification of licensure and proper insurance coverage.</li><li>Coordinates use, promotion and development of small, minority owned and disadvantaged businesses to comply with government regulations and supplier diversity efforts in accordance with the UG and applicable FAR/DFAR requirements.</li><li>Prepares and submits governmental reports, ensuring compliance with governmental procurement regulations.&nbsp; Coordinates audits performed by external and internal auditors.&nbsp; Prepares formal responses to management of corrective actions and recommendations.</li><li>Develops and implements best practices in the areas of strategic sourcing, organization design and development, cost modeling, supplier relationships, contract management, internal customer alignment and compliance management to achieve maximum levels of productivity, ensuring that the Institute benefits from the lowest possible cost and best value.</li><li>Champion customer partnerships, with special attention to change management and operational alignment, incorporating feedback and input from Salk administration and laboratories in strategic sourcing and effective process objectives.</li><li>Maintains procurement service agreements for the Institute, consultant and employee/vendor relationship delegation of authority.</li><li>Keeps abreast of industry trends and best practices and recommends those from which the Institute could benefit.&nbsp; Continually evaluates products and services offered by existing and prospective suppliers.</li></ul><p><strong></strong><strong>3) Personnel Supervision &amp; Management, Department Management (25%)</strong></p><ul><li>Establishes and delegates operational objectives and assignments to Procurement Services staff.</li><li>Builds, develops, coaches and supports an effective leadership team.&nbsp; Maintains effective supervisory control that promotes positive staff morale while continuously striving for improved customer service and process efficiency.&nbsp; Provides continuous staff development opportunities to ensure staff possess sufficient training and required skill levels to perform their assigned tasks in a proficient manner; ensures proficiency is maintained in current technologies.&nbsp; Promotes and supports teamwork within the department.</li><li>Establishes performance standards; evaluates employees and makes recommendations for staff promotions and merit increases.&nbsp; Responsible for direct reports performance reviews, promotional decisions, and pay actions.&nbsp; Ensures direct reports have appropriate and realistic job goals.</li><li>Establishes on-going communication with all staff regarding performance measures, ensuring they are working towards the Institute's objectives.</li><li>Coaches and counsels direct report employees including implementing corrective action and discipline.&nbsp; Develops performance improvement plans if a direct report&rsquo;s performance is not adequate.&nbsp;&nbsp; Recognizes and acknowledges direct reports' accomplishments.</li><li>Has overall decision making responsibility for the hiring/terminating and disciplinary decisions of department employees.&nbsp;</li><li>Ensures that job descriptions accurately reflect the primary responsibilities, qualifications and terms for each job role and that employees follow the organization's policies and procedures.</li><li>Oversees staff development and training and ensures that required certifications are kept up to date. Develops training plans to ensure employees supervised have the necessary expertise to carry out their jobs.</li><li>Plans and implements the transition of traditional buyers to procurement relationship specialists with highly skilled knowledge in areas such as life sciences, technology, research equipment and maintenance and facilities.</li><li>Develops and coordinates training presentations on procurement and logistics operations procedures for staff.&nbsp;</li><li>Ensures employee safety training and adherence to safety norms.</li><li>Structures department to meet workload and customer service goals.</li><li>Develops, implements and monitors annual department operating budget, policies and procedures.</li><li>Other projects and duties as assigned.</li></ul><p><strong>EDUCATION</strong></p><p><strong>Required:</strong></p><ul><li>A Bachelor&rsquo;s degree in accounting, business administration or related field from an accredited school or equivalent years of professional experience.</li></ul><p><strong>Preferred:</strong></p><ul><li>An advanced degree in accounting, business administration or related field.</li><li>Related procurement, contracting or logistics operations certifications.</li><li>Training in lean management principles or project management.</li></ul><p><strong>EXPERIENCE</strong></p><p><strong>Required:</strong></p><ul><li>Minimum 10 years comprehensive experience in procurement management or equivalent experience.</li><li>5 years experience with federal Uniform Guidance and its predecessor regulations.</li><li>3 years of experience directly supervising the work of others.</li><li>Extensive experience developing analytics.&nbsp;</li><li>Experience managing a complex department/unit/function.</li><li>Experience managing multiple, complex projects and demonstrated experience making sound business and financial decisions.</li><li>Evidence of management skills to effectively interact and achieve work objectives by maintaining sound working relationships with senior leaders, managers, and staff.&nbsp;</li><li>Experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and/or e-procurement systems.</li><li>Prior experience in developing and implementing process improvements plans.</li><li>Experience in contract negotiation, development and administration.</li><li>Experience conducting and managing formal requests for proposals (RFP).</li><li>Experience with FAR and DFARS as they relate to the procurement services functions.</li></ul><p><strong>Preferred:</strong></p><ul><li>Experience implementing and managing small business plans required under federal contracts.</li><li>Experience interpreting and applying federal and state procurement laws.&nbsp;</li><li>Experience working with auditors and resolving any audit findings identified.</li><li>Experience in a large nonprofit or biotech/life science environment.</li></ul><p><strong>SKILLS AND ABILITIES</strong></p><p><strong>Required:</strong></p><ul><li>Demonstrated ability to conceptualize implementation of the complete procurement process, system and structure in a complex environment.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</li><li>Ability to establish formal project management processes to assist in planning and executing complex, multi-functional initiatives within time, budget and priority constraints.&nbsp;</li><li>Excellent negotiation, presentation, project management, problem solving, decision making and business acumen skills.&nbsp; Advanced experience in structuring business transactions and drafting, negotiating, and administering complex business contracts.</li><li>Excellent verbal and written communication skills appropriate for interactions with a broad array of individuals.&nbsp; Interpersonal skills must include tact, good judgment, diplomacy, and flexibility to relate to diverse scientific research staff, faculty, executive management, administrative staff, and external contacts.</li><li>Ability to analyze data and develop and maintain complex statistical and management reports in support of the procurement and asset management functions.&nbsp; Familiarity with audit, control and accountability methodologies.</li><li>Knowledge and experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, e-procurement, procurement, financial or inventory management systems.</li><li>Understanding of scientific equipment, supplies, parts, services and vendors.</li><li>Strong leadership, management and mentoring skills.&nbsp; Excellent employee development and performance management skills with the ability to develop, support, motivate and supervise professional and administrative staff.&nbsp; Skills sufficient to build cooperative and highly functioning teams.</li><li>Knowledge of and demonstrated experience of applying the principles and techniques of supervision and training.</li><li>Ability to maintain confidentiality of work-related information and materials.</li><li>Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.</li><li>Demonstrated organizational and planning skills with attention to detail and follow through.</li><li>Proficient computer skills, including MS Office software applications.</li><li>Thorough working knowledge of procurement principles, best practices, methods and procedures, state and federal procurement regulations and accepted business practices.&nbsp;</li></ul><p><strong>Preferred</strong><strong>: </strong></p><ul><li>Knowledge of SCT Banner, SciQuest, and Business Objects (Crystal Reports).</li><li>Excellent skill in applying procurement techniques such as strategic sourcing, supplier selection, developing contracts, supplier management, contract negotiation, stockroom operations and bid process.</li></ul><p><strong>SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT</strong></p><ul><li>Must be willing to work in an animal-related research environment.</li><li>Must be willing to work at a location away from the main campus and travel to and from campus as needed.</li><li>Satisfactory completion of the Institute&rsquo;s background investigation.</li><li>Able to work a flexible schedule based on staffing, workload, and deadlines.</li><li>Annual conflict of interest disclosure required.</li><li>Execution of Salk's Employee Confidentiality Agreement and Procurement Addendum is required.</li></ul>

This job has expired.

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