Metabolic/Genetic Dietitian - Department of Pediatrics
West Virginia University Research Corporation

Morgantown, West Virginia

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This job has expired.

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West Virginia University Research Corporation is seeking applications for a Metabolic/Genetic Dietitian with the Department of Pediatrics

About the Opportunity

The Metabolic Dietitian, in the Department of Pediatrics/Section of Genetics provides case management for ongoing nutrition support for patients with Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM) throughout the state of West Virginia. Coordinates with the Office of Maternal, Family and Child Health (OMFCH) care for patients with critical labs.

At WVU Research Corporation, we strongly believe in work-life balance and keeping time for things we love outside our work. WVU Research Corporation offers a comprehensive benefits package with a variety of options to suit your needs:
•    13 paid holidays (staff holiday calendar)
•    PTO
•    403(b) retirement savings with a fully vested 3% employee contribution match, (Employees have the option of contributing an additional 1-3% of their earnings to the plan, which is also matched by the WVURC)
•    A range of health insurance and various other benefits
•    Dependent Education Scholarship
•    WVU Perks
•    And More!!

What you’ll do:

  • Provides nutritional consultation and assessment for patients and their families with newly diagnosed Inborn Errors of Metabolism, including Phenylketonuria, Galactosemia, Tyrosinemia, Propionic Acidemia, Glycogen Storage Disease, Urea Cycle Defects and others.  This includes calculating age, metabolic nutrient needs and underlying diagnosis.  This also includes calculation of current intake from diet records, modifications of diets in response to metabolic testing results and recording growth parameters.  Educate families during initial diagnosis, initiation of treatment and continuation of treatment of established patients.  Provides understanding of diagnosis, rationale for treatment and the methods of nutrition management.  Demonstrates preparation of the special metabolic formulas and nutritional calculations.  Provides ongoing guidance to families during various stages of growth and development as well as learning experiences for children to facilitate dietary compliance.
  • Works independently to coordinate care to the infant with critical Newborn Screen (NBS) results with the OMFCH NBS nurses, genetic doctors, infant’s doctors and infant’s family.  Mediates between provider and OMFCH with non- compliant families or physicians.  Monitors critical NBS infants until diagnosis is established.  Provide education to OMFCH nurses, infant’s physician and infant’s family regarding the possible disorder of the infant with critical labs.    Help with the referral process for the infant’s doctor when needed to be seen by genetics.  Provides ongoing prescriptions to the OMFCH for metabolic formulas.
  • Writes nutritional notes and letters of dictation to provide documentation of services, with letters of dictation being signed by both the Geneticist and the Metabolic Dietitian.  Arranges follow-up services with nutrition programs and local health departments.
  • Provides ongoing nutritional assessments, counseling and follow-up clinic visits to clinic appointments at West Virginia University and satellite clinics in Berkley, Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Martinsburg and Wheeling.  This includes review of anthropometric measurements, biochemical testing, clinical and feeding information.  Counsels patients and caregivers in clinic, by telephone and written correspondence.
  • Report blood testing results to families with recommendations for dietary changes based on test results.  Enters into patient’s computer records results from ongoing monitoring of patient’s levels which are analyzed by West Virginia State Lab.  Discuss with family results and suggest dietary changes to improve lab values/compliance when needed.
  • Provides ongoing prescriptions to the Office of Maternal, Family and Child Health (OMFCH) for metabolic formula.  Assistance in providing nutrition supplements in an “emergency” situation for families who are unable to get supplements from outside assistance (the state).
  • Acts as a nutritional resource and provides nutritional information for Inborn Errors of Nutrition throughout the state of West Virginia for physicians, dietitians,  nurses and therapists as well as schools and health care facilities and other health care providers
  • Provides mentorships to the students in the Nutrition Program at Ruby Hospital and the Master’s Degree Program at WVU
  • Attends and participates in the Newborn Metabolic Advisory Council Meetings where policies and procedures are discussed.  Discuss and advise on the state implementation of recommendations for infants with abnormal newborn screens.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • One (1) year of patient education and computers experience is required.
  • Experience with computer based nutritional analysis.
  • Experience in patient and family education regarding nutritional management of specialized diets. Dietary management is essential in the treatment of Inborn Errors of Metabolism.
  • Basic computer knowledge is required to write letters of dictation and use computer programs to assess patient dietary records.
  • A knowledge of current standards of practice regarding nutrition and dietary recommendations for Inborn Errors of Metabolism.

About WVU

  • Must be a Registered Dietitian, registered by The Commission on Dietetic Registration, or be registration eligible.
  • Must have current WV State Licensure from the WV Board of Licensed Dietitians.

This job has expired.

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