Meat Wrapper
Fiesta Mart

Lewisville, Texas

Posted in Retail

This job has expired.

Job Info

The Meat Wrapper maintains display cases with properly wrapped and priced meat merchandise, while providing great customer service.

- Maintains a basic knowledge of all cuts of meat.
- Engages customers on the sales floor. Orally communicates with customers and co-workers on products and prices.
- Demonstrates ability to make announcements.
- Works the lunchmeat counter, including ordering.
- Checks in newly received merchandise and creates stock lists. Maintains inventory levels.
- Stocks and organizes merchandise in cooler.
- Rotates merchandise to maintain freshness.
- Checks shelf tags for correct prices and missing tags on product displays.
- Program prices, dates, and shelf life into the scale/labeller machine.
- Cleans/maintains workstation and sales floor cases.
- Builds and dismantles displays.
- Follows all personal and food safety guidelines.
- Knows how to operate tools and equipment and does so in a safe manner.

Secondary Job Duties:
- Clean work area as needed.
- Notify management of associate theft, customer shoplifting, unauthorized mark downs or property defacement.
- Present favorable impression in dress, personal hygiene and business attitude.
- Other duties assigned by management.

- High School diploma.
- Must be 18 years of age.
- Must demonstrate a willingness to learn.
- Demonstrate capability to interact with customers.

Never- 0%, Occasionally- 1-33%, Frequently- 34-66%, Continuously- 67-100%

Physical Demands:
- Never-Sitting, balancing, manual dexterity and crawling.
- Occasionally- Climbing up to 8 foot height, stooping, kneeling, crouching, talking, and smelling.
- Frequently- Carrying up to 80 lbs., pushing and pulling up to 300 lbs., lifting up to 80 lbs., and bending.
- Continuously- Standing on tile/concrete, walking on tile/concrete, reaching waist/overhead level, seeing, and hearing.

Safety Risk Factors:
- Never- Hazardous cleaning solutions.
- Occasionally- Contact with skin irritant, toxic exposure (see Material Safety Data Sheets), and nuisance dust, fumes, sprays.
- Frequently-Loud noise, twisting of back and neck, and slippery or cluttered floor surface.
- Continuously- Hazardous equipment (mechanical moving parts), and contact with sharp objects.

- Varied, irregular schedules.
- Working environment involves inside, cold, and wet/humidity.

This job has expired.

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