How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting a Job?

How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting a Job?
The early bird catches the worm. But the early job applicant does not always get a job. 

Almost two-thirds of American workers are looking for a job right now. Whatever line of work you are trying to get a job in, you are competing with dozens of others. 

What do you need to research before getting a job? What jobs can you get with a creative resume? How can you reach out to a company after you apply? 

Answer these questions and you can acquire a job that meets your needs. Here is your quick guide. 

Study the Company You Are Applying For

You want to convince a company that you are a perfect fit for them. Go on a company's website and look at the kinds of language they use. In your cover letter and interview, slip some of their words into your sentences. 

Get a sense of the history of the company. Put some facts into your cover letter and describe why those facts are important to you. 

Write a Creative Resume 

A job recruiter will spend six seconds looking over your resume. You need to grab their attention without overstaying your welcome. 

A great way to spice up your resume is to use action verbs. "Drafted" is more nuanced and interesting than the word "wrote." 

Put your most important accomplishments toward the top of your resume. But feel free to write about a few interesting accomplishments. If you have won prizes or gotten special commendations, make sure to mention them. 

Place some in-demand skills on your resume as well. Add some soft skills like creativity and flexibility and give examples for how you exercise those skills. Establish that you can work in teams, follow the orders of superiors, and lead subordinates. 

Follow Up 

You shouldn't contact an HR professional or recruiter right away. Give them a few days to read over your resume and the ones of other applicants. 

But send them an email in which you ask if they need any more materials. Thank them for their time and wish them well. If you find a good news article related to their line of work, you can send it to them. 

If you get rejected, send the company an email thanking them for considering you. This may encourage them to reach out to you when they have a similar opening. 

You can also ask someone who knows you to put in a good word for you. Do this with someone known in the company's line of work. At a minimum, ask someone who gets a job for advice on your application. 

How to Start Getting a Job

Learning how to get a job is the first step toward getting a job. Do some research and touch upon a company's values in your cover letter. 

Write a resume with inventive language and nuanced skills. Try to describe a range of accomplishments you have. 

Follow up with the company after you give them your resume. Even if you get rejected, send them an email saying you appreciate them. 

You can get a job once you get help. US Diversity Job Search helps connect professionals with high-quality jobs. Look for offerings today. 

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